The Governor of Ohio is definitely a forerunner in the upcoming Presidential Election in 2016. As one of many Republican candidates running for the party’s nomination, Governor Kasich of Ohio has an impeccable record in lower taxes, creating jobs, and instituting conservative policies in a mainly Democrat state. Why Governor Kaisaic should be the next president was answered at the recent televised Republican debate.

While he had the home court advantage since the debate took place in Cleveland, it was all about his successful policies that brought the state of Ohio back from the brink of bankruptcy. Over his illustrious tenure, the Governor brought years of extensive political experience to the debate. This included his nine terms as a member of the House of Representatives, along with six years as chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Kasich also played a key role in passing the Welfare Reform Act, as well as the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. The Governor was also on the pulse of domestic and international politics as a commentator on the Fox News Channel. In fact, he hosted the popular Heartland with John Kasich program on the network for six years. He was also an investment banker, and the managing director for Lehman Brothers office in Columbus, Ohio.

As the Governor of Ohio, Kasich helped balanced the states budget and introduced thousands of new jobs across Ohio. He was also instrumental in securing $7.06 billion dollars from the federal government for highway construction and maintenance. He even accepted to expand Medicaid and Medicare benefits in the state since he felt the repeal process for Obama care would take some time.

Kasich has also been a staunch supporter of stronger immigration laws. Like Trump, he is for building a strong wall or fence across the Southern border. The Governor also signed into state law a number of strict anti-abortion laws. As a pro-life candidate, Kasich believes life begins at the very core of consummation. As a result, the life is still valuable and should be cherished even at the egg stage.

As part of these laws, he stripped Planned Parenthood of $1.4 million federal dollars. This resulted in the organization being placed last on the priority list for family planning funds. With a strong and stellar record in office, Kasich should be the next President and has strong support from his constituents and party supporters. With more live debates planned in the coming months, voters will be able to secure more information on his politics and the platform he will be running on.